New features added in EVDict 2.0:

  1. Support Unicode. (such as IE4.0 and Office 97)
  2. Supporting both of GB code and Big5 code.
  3. A multi- text converter renewed in EVDICT.(Not available in Trial Version) 
  4. The whole page translation result can be bilingual translated, edited and saved. (Not available in Trial Version)
  5. Providing a useful functional menu on the Prompting Toolbar.
  6. Supporting both of Chinese and English users' working environments.
  7. Providing a function of translating each part of network domain name.
  8. Providing the united hot key (CTRL+F11).
  9. Providing a function of identifying encoding intelligently.
  10. Supporting the function of decoding intelligently, which can identify codes of MIME, HZ and ISO2022 .
  11. The vocabulary library of the dictionary can be supplied, erased or modified freely by user.(Not available in Trial Version)
  12. Up to 40 Millions vocabulary. (Only 18 Millions in Trial Version)

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